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“We are honored to be selected as a winner of the Infinity award. This test that won us the award was a groundbreaking study, which provided us with insight on an area we have been exploring for years – to measure the halo effect of brand campaigns into demand and direct response acquisitions. The partnership with the brilliant minds at Kenshoo team was critical in the success of this study.”

Jennifer Tan, Sr. Director, Digital Acquisition

“Kenshoo continues to impress us with its innovative product suite and strong customer support. With Kenshoo under the hood, iProspect teams will be more efficient in managing workflow and more effective in campaign optimization, ultimately leading to better performance for our clients.”

Robert Murray, CEO

“Kenshoo has proven time and time again that it can deliver. At Resolution Media, we’re focused on driving results through digital data and insights. Kenshoo’s robust platform plugs right in to our RM3 data warehouse and reporting suite; so we can quickly identify opportunities and seize them for clients.”

Alan Osetek, President

“Kenshoo equips our teams around the world with leading technology, tools, and local support to help deliver on our client’s search marketing goals. Their Universal Platform enables us to launch and optimize global campaigns across channels quickly and effectively.”

Stephanie Ridley, Vice-presidente sênior e diretora de negócios globais

“Throughout a comprehensive multimarket evaluation of search management platforms Kenshoo’s expertise, technology, and service shined. Their suite provides an awesome combination of features for enterprise standardization with local customization that will insure that Havas Digital can continue to scale our search operations globally as well empower our search specialists to succeed locally.”

Rob Griffin, Vice-presidente executivo e diretor global de desenvolvimento de produtos

“Kenshoo’s advanced technology empowers our teams to capitalize on market opportunities and drive more revenue. Having a great suite allows our teams to focus on client goals, strategic initiatives and higher level optimizations to drive better business results.”

Viji Davis, Chief Marketing Officer

“Partnering with Kenshoo, whose technology we rely on for advanced audience targeting capabilities, was a natural fit as they’re a like-minded philanthropic company.”

Sam Bloom, GM Interactive

“Our clients rely on Gruen to manage many different advertising channels. We are excited to see CityGrid available through Kenshoo so we can improve efficiencies, performance and reporting for our campaigns.”

Amy Buelow, Senior Account Manager

“Kenshoo’s approach to bid management is unrivaled in the industry. Kenshoo gives us the flexibility to choose rules-based bidding, portfolio bidding as well as custom or hybrid options. For our financial services clients, the model-based portfolio policies turned out to be exactly what we need to deliver a greater return on investment. It was important to us that we maintained complete transparency throughout the venture. We wanted the technology to perform the in-depth analysis that our team was already performing manually, but at a faster rate in order to free more of their time. This is something that was provided through the nature of Kenshoo technology solutions and the model-based bid policies. We are thrilled with the results from Kenshoo and are rolling out portfolio-based bid policies across our entire client base.”

Azam Zaka, CEO

“In my opinion, Kenshoo is simply the most effective way to manage your search campaigns, period. Kenshoo has allowed us to scale our international search efforts without scaling our team.”

Matt Browne, VP Marketing

“Kenshoo’s new reporting capabilities have already had a tremendous impact for us. Kenshoo gives us professional looking reports that can be easily configured to include the data my customers need to see so I can demonstrate the value and results my team is delivering.”

Duncan Scarry, CEO/founder

“Kenshoo greatly helps setting up and managing super detailed campaigns, saving precious time for data analysis to get the most of our clients budgets.”

Thiemo Mallwitz, Director of Performance

“We’re always looking for new ways to help brands understand the impact that social media programs have on key business goals. To date, Kenshoo has helped our teams drive positive return on investment from Facebook Ads just based on post-click attribution. Now, with the ability to incorporate post-view metrics, we can further expand our clients’ investment in social media.”

Erica Barth, VP, Products and Partnerships

“Being the leading Search Engine Marketing services provider in Japan, we looked long and hard to find a SEM platform that would meet our high demands and be compatible with Japanese language. Kenshoo delivers. It gives us significant leverage over the competition, and the team at Kenshoo are dedicated – they are a true partner.”

Shunsuke Konno, President and COO

“From an agency perspective, we require a technology suite that can accommodate advertisers with different business needs and key performance metrics.  Kenshoo not only provides the most customizable management solution in terms of performance measurement and tracking, but they have created a platform that allows campaign managers to quickly access, assess and execute decisions on a variety of data points.  The ease and speed of making changes is their key differentiator.  The superiority of this technology has played a major role in the success of Chacka Marketing and our clients.”

Janel Laravie, Co-Founder

“We’re very excited about Intent-Driven Audiences and the ability to leverage signals from search marketing to reach our advertisers’ most valuable customers with Facebook advertising. Kenshoo’s overall approach to audience management is very innovative, and the solutions they’ve brought to market help advertisers bridge the gap from branding to performance in driving bottom-line results.”

Steve Katelman, EVP of Global Strategic Partnerships

“Kenshoo is exactly what we need to serve our clients more efficiently and grow our paid search offering. Kenshoo’s automated technology solutions will help our team get campaigns up faster and the advanced algorithms will help us meet each client’s specific goals. Without Kenshoo, we would not be able to scale our business as effectively.”

Maxime Baffert, Directeur Général

“Kenshoo offers several tools that have enabled us to scale our SEM efforts for local-focused clients. The template tool enables us to create hundreds of geo-specific campaigns with the click of a button. Dimensions allows us to create effective and useful reporting at any level necessary. Call Conversion Optimization, in my opinion, is a huge differentiator of the Kenshoo suite. Not only are we able to tie the value of offline phone calls back to the original keyword click, but we can consider the value of that phone call in our automated bid rules (that’s HUGE!).”

Neil Mahoney, Partner & Director of eCommerce

“Kenshoo provides us with the tools and technology we need to effectively manage and optimize search marketing for BlackBerry across the globe. Using their robust reporting tools, we are also able to quickly deliver comprehensive dashboards to show performance.”

Allison Tesnar, Associate Director

“Each educational track has its own set of metrics, and leads can convert through form completions, open house registrations or campus visits. Kenshoo supports a wide range of campaigns and goals, and its automated bid algorithms keep Loyola’s keyword portfolio optimized for efficiency.”

Dave Levy, Partner, Digital Marketing Consultant

“Performance from local marketing is a key priority for all of our brands, big and small. Kenshoo is a singularly unique product, and the certification program enables us to make the most of it to scale high volumes of campaigns rapidly and profitably.”

Rich Devine, Global SVP

“PHD is always in the process of finding a better way to meet our client’s communications goals. The partnership between Annalect and Kenshoo will help our partners connect the dots between the Web and the cash register while optimizing all consumer touchpoints along the way.”

Craig Atkinson, President and Chief Digital Officer

“Kenshoo certification is important to us because we work with many different account teams across Publicis Groupe who use the Kenshoo suite. Having expertise on this platform helps us easily onboard and scale our Kenshoo campaigns.”

Tamara Knight, Vice President of Search Operations

“Kenshoo not only offers us the most sophisticated technology suite available for managing search marketing campaigns; it also enables us to integrate advanced analytics and attribution modeling across a host of other channels, including display, mobile, affiliate, call tracking and more.”

Minna Rhee, CEO

“As a creative agency who wants to create game-changing businesses, brands and communications, having Albion Cell to access the insights that Kenshoo offers us is absolutely essential in the execution – and ultimately the success – of our clients’ social media ad campaigns.

We wanted to work with a technology platform that enables us to run commercial campaigns for Facebook and, after testing a number of systems, it was clear to us that Kenshoo was the only one which could provide us with right mix of campaign control, complete visibility over our campaign effectiveness and ability to articulate performance simply back to our clients.”

Jason Goodman, CEO

“The Kenshoo certification program is a great way to ensure members of our staff are properly trained to use all of Kenshoo’s innovative features. It also helps us identify potential recruits that are certified Kenshoo experts so we can scale new and existing client business using the Kenshoo suite.”

Duncan Fisher, Digital Media Director

“The Kenshoo suite gave our team the automation and analytics needed to understand which Facebook campaigns were working, and in turn, make optimizations that would garner the best results for Stitch Fix.”

Alli Schwartz, Paid Media Manager

“The continued growth in search and social advertising speaks to their combined effectiveness, but it also creates an increasingly competitive marketplace. Kenshoo’s industry-leading, cross-channel innovations provide the tools we need to maintain a leg up on the competition.”

LuRae Lumpkin, VP Global Paid Media