Maximize the results of your Facebook ads through Campaigns Budget Optimization (CBO) enhanced with Kenshoo.

  • Enhanced Campaign Budget Optimizations (CBO)

    CBO enables Facebook advertisers to maximize the results of their campaigns with ad set level budget optimizations. CBO distributes budgets across ad sets automatically to maximize results for the top performing Ad Sets in real-time. This frees advertisers from making manual budget shifts across their targets and allows Facebook to algorithmically optimize budgets for them.

CBO leverages a simplified campaign setup and automation to maximize results

  • Ease of Use

    Fewer budgets to track and re-allocate during optimization. Eliminate the need to re-calculate budgets mid-flight.
  • Time Savings

    Spend less time on budget planning, setup, and optimization. Leverage real-time and 24/7 optimization.
  • Performance Gains

    Drive more results for the same budget and reduce risks of under-delivery.

Kenshoo offers proprietary campaign enhancement solutions to maximize the impact of your campaign budget optimizations.

  • Removing the Barriers Between your Campaigns

    Portfolio Optimizer is Kenshoo’s proprietary optimization solution that automates optimizations across your suite of campaigns. This means that KPO applies the optimizations CBO makes across ad sets within a campaign, throughout all of your campaigns.

  • Optimize Towards your True North

    Kenshoo's Portfolio Optimizer enables you to reach your business goals by optimizing towards any Facebook, 3rd-Party or custom metrics.

Adding More Flexibility and Control with Kenshoo

  • External Signals

    Trigger optimizations based on Weather, Health and TV Signals

  • Customizable Rules

    Automate budget shifts based on performance trends and schedules

  • Automated Alerts

    Stay informed when budgets are changed or when your performance spikes

  • Bulk Settings

    Apply CBO across all of your campaigns with bulk CBO status changes

  • Min/Max Budgets

    Stay in control by applying minimum and maximum spend thresholds for your Ad Sets

  • Flexible Bids

    Customize bids for each of your targeting values within one Ad Set

Ogilvy Leverages Kenshoo’s Portfolio Optimizer For Increased Leads And Time Savings

“KPO allows us to maintain efficient performance for our top campaigns and spend more time ideating new audiences and testing strategies.” - Joanna Pride, Social Media Planner

  • 15%

    Time Savings

  • 40%

    More Leads

  • 28%

    Decreased Cost Per Lead