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  • ClickZ: Bid Management Tools Buyer’s Guide

    Kenshoo was a consistently strong performer across all categories, with particular highlights including its adoption of intent-based audiences, cross-channel management capabilities, and accurate performance forecasts. For advertisers looking for sophisticated search support on large accounts, with access to the latest innovations across both search and social, Kenshoo is clearly

  • Kenshoo Search: Audience Targeting Playbook

    To be a ‘best-in-class marketer’, audience targeting is a “must have” to deliver personalized and tailored messages to the people that are most likely to be interested in what you are offering. Download this playbook for tips on how you can reach the right audiences with relevant messaging at scale.

  • A Guide to Facebook Dynamic Ads

    We at Kenshoo are big fans of Facebook Dynamic Ads. We’ve seen it drive incredible success for our clients, and we’ve picked up a lot of best practices along the way. Check out our guide on how to implement Dynamic Ads into your marketing mix and the tips and tricks to take your Dynamic Ads game to the next level.

  • Digital Advertising Firing on All Cylinders

    This guide provides auto marketers with key insights and initiatives across the most important digital dimensions to capture attention during a highly complex purchase process, to steer buyers in the direction of their dream car.

  • Pinterest: A new take on search

    Pinterest is offering a paid search product that will help marketers grow demand and sales across the entire consumer journey. In this paper, Kenshoo and Pinterest discuss key trends reshaping consumer search to show how marketers can build programs that stretch from discovery, to action.

  • A Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

    Marketers no longer need to rely on multiple clickthroughs and time-consuming form submissions. All of it can easily be done on Facebook within an ad unit. Enter Facebook Lead Ads.

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