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  • Facebook Q2: Instagram Vs. #DeleteFacebook

    Shedding off the dark cloud from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook used its 1Q earnings release to prove its invulnerability. The stock has since risen more than 25%. Thanks to the impressive Instagram strength to overcome the #DeleteFacebook uproar. 2Q may turn out to be okay after all.

  • How product-led digital advertising is evolving

    How product-led digital advertising is evolving “At Kenshoo we see brands aiming higher up the funnel on Amazon, using product-focused ads more for brand awareness and competitive positioning. This is still done in the context of a performance advertising program, but with the understanding that more and more consumers spend their online shopping time on… Read more »

  • IRCE 2018: Exhibit hall highlights and Win The Wheels winner

    IRCE 2018: Exhibit hall highlights and Win The Wheels winner “Advertising technology platform provider Kenshoo Ltd. announced Amazon.com marketplace sellers can now access Kenshoo E-Commerce’s services to manage their Amazon advertising through Seller Central, the interface marketplace sellers use to manage their Amazon sales…Amazon is No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2018 Top 500.” – Digital… Read more »

  • Brands tripling spend on Amazon ads to reach intent-driven shoppers

    Online retail mega markets like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart, are now first destinations for customers looking to research and buy products. Advertising on these sites has become increasingly important to reach customers at the critical point of purchase – or in the decision-making process on what to buy.

  • 70 Israeli Startups You Need to Follow

    Here are 70 Israeli startups that make Israel proud on its 70th anniversary of independence: Kenshoo – a platform that delivers data to brands in order to help them make smarter marketing decisions.

  • ClickZ Buyers Guide | Bid Management Platform Review

    ClickZ Buyers Guide | Bid Management Platform Review Kenshoo has been a leader in the bid management space since 2006 and its position as a third-party vendor allows space to innovate and work with clients without the potential for bias to enter the equation. This independence also allows Kenshoo to pursue new, promising channels and… Read more »

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